Skin Science & Technology Center at UCRI

The Skin Science & Technology Center at UCRI

Our scientists and researchers advance the boundaries of skin science, skin technology and commercialization – and have decades of innovation to help advance our mission.

Through UCRI, our industry partners gain unparalleled access to the internationally-competitive skin science and technology resources at the University of Cincinnati.

Everything we do is rooted in our commitment to skin. We believe that market-winning innovation happens when diverse academic thinkers take the time to deeply understand industry’s greatest challenges and opportunities. 

We go beyond conventional wisdom and redefine the next market-changing move.

We unbridle teams of diverse thinkers with different, yet complimentary expertise, to stretch what’s possible and find new ways to solve skin challenges together. We combine the very best in fundamental research with emerging technology and applications.

With an entrepreneurial approach, we take science and technology out of the lab and translate it into real-world, relevant skin solutions.  


There are many skin science and technology opportunities we can address for you and your organization – we tackle your challenges head-on and deliver an impressive ROI beyond what one might typically expect from an academic center. We quickly take science out of the lab and translate it into real-world, relevant skin solutions. Our projects range from healing wounds and burns, to surgical challenges and new consumer products. And much, much more. 


Skin Healing


Access to essential skin care is critical – particularly for those who’ve experienced traumatic burns and injury. Using the latest technology, our researchers and scientists accelerate innovative solutions to provide hope and healing to these individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Product Design and Innovation

Our team of national award-winning professional and student talent work hand-in-hand with clinicians to solve real-world problems with marketable medical device solutions. This cross-disciplinary effort combines the expertise found within four colleges – Engineering, Design, Business and Medicine – giving our partners unfounded access to the brilliant minds and expertise found within the University of Cincinnati. 

Predictive Skin


Understanding skin is essential to providing the resources our partners need to succeed. That’s why our specialists – with decades of experience working for industry-leading organizations and academic institutions like the University of Cincinnati – are nationally-recognized experts in the field of skin science. Partner organizations can optimize solutions for their audience by gaining access to the brilliance of our experts.

Flexible Bio Sensors


Skin is our primary barrier of immune system defense and a key way we interact with the world around us. By utilizing sensor technology, users can rapidly assess skin health and skin interactions with physical and chemical media, providing insight into what is happening inside the body, or reveal vast information about the surrounding environment. Our dedicated team of scientists work collaboratively to create low-cost skin-intimate sensors that will change the way we approach skin, body, and environmental health.

3D Skin Printing


Our scientists and experts within S2TC have a strong track record of rapidly transforming novel concepts into commercially viable prototypes. Whether your goal in skin requires precision dosing of topical products, monitoring wound healing, or measuring heart-rate or muscle bruising, wearable technology is an effective solution. But our experts continue to utilize strong partnerships with industry-leading organizations to push the status quo beyond wearable watches and bands. This type of work is exemplified by UCRI partner, Eccrine Systems, which is commercializing wearable perspiration biomarker sensing patches as simple and ergonomic as a band-aid.


Please contact us to explore how we can help you solve your next skin science and technology challenge.


With collaboration comes greatness, and the projects below are only a small example of the outcomes that are possible through the Skin Science & Technology Center.


Predictive Skin Modeling & Skin Penetration

Predictive Modeling and Skin Penetration

Understanding skin’s outer and inner layers has broad implications. Our team studies how it reacts to various chemical compounds; the hydration and dehydration process under specific conditions; and skin’s absorption of and reactions to given chemicals or conditions.


Flexible Bio Sensors

Flexible Bio Sensors

Sweat is a great biomarker for the human body, but sample size and evaporation have always been distinct challenges to producing measureable results. We’re resolving those issues by researching and developing low-cost wearable sensors that have nearly immediate contact with sweat as it emerges onto skin.


Faces of UC

Faces of UC

A continued video series exploring what makes the University of Cincinnati the #HottestCollegeinAmerica. 


Our Leadership Team

We believe that transformative innovation happens when diverse thinkers collaborate without boundaries. That’s why our team comprises diverse thinkers with different, yet complimentary expertise, to stretch what’s possible and discover new ways to solve skin challenges together.

Jerry Kasting

Gerald (Jerry) Kasting, PhD

Executive Director, Skin Science & Technology Center and Director, Skin Science and Modeling

Jason Heikenfeld

Jason Heikenfeld, PhD

Director, Skin Technology

Bill Heineman

William (Bill) Heineman, PhD

Director, Skin Sensors


Steven Boyce

Steven Boyce, PhD

Director, Skin Healing

Mary Beth Privitera

Mary Beth Privitera

Director, Product Design and Innovation

Mary Adams

Mary Adams

Engagement Manager


Nick Nikolaides

Nick Nikolaides

Engagement Manager

Sara Guice

Sara Guice

UCRI Director of Business Development


Together with our partners, we accomplish more than when trying to solve challenges alone.


Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is the founding partner behind the Skin Science & Technology Center. Research is fundamental to P&G’s approach to product development, and this Center – exclusive to UCRI – is pivotal to making transformative innovation happen for P&G and the global consumers the company serves across multiple categories and brands such as Olay, Old Spice and Head & Shoulders.


Shriner's Hospital for Children

Shriner's Hospital Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Shriners Hospital for Children, Cincinnati and Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) have partnered with researchers at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for many years to solve skin challenges for their patients. Together, these partners are creating new ways to solve age-old challenges with skin and tissue healing and health.

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