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We help our industry clients seek new ideas, research, and innovation to drive their growth. Our goal is to help connect you with the resources at the University of Cincinnati in an easy and effective manner. Together, we can discover a way to produce tangible results.




At the UC Research Institute we have partnerships with 10 world-class research and business builder centers at the University of Cincinnati. We also will connect you to the centers at the 14 colleges on our campus.

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The Office of Research creates and facilitates partnerships with public and private companies, develops technologies for corporate licensing and establishes collaborations with other top universities around the world.

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Billions of dollars in research conducted over dozens of years has lead to an expansive list of developed and developing intellectual property at the University of Cincinnati. UC's Technology Accelerator for Commercialization (TAC) helps the university's researchers identify and incubate those IP products most suitable for commercialization, and in turn, helps companies find business opportunities among UC-owned IP. TAC's mission is part of the larger UC effort to move the university into new entrepreneurial arenas.

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UCRI’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) supports researchers in both academic and industrial endeavors. Advanced manufacturing is the technology that allows for design, manufacturing and functional use of prototypes printed on a variety of materials such as polymers, metals, and bone. Some of the benefits include: rapid prototyping, material development, and optimized design, all with quality control at the forefront.

The AMC offers the opportunity to use their facility in industries such as engineering, biomedical research and alloy development. Industry partners can experiment with additive and subtractive manufacturing. Students can create unique parts for projects and entrepreneurial initiatives. Faculty can provide expertise, consulting and development to help all parties, as well as create their own designs.


With 55,000 brilliant minds, there is someone on the UC campus who can create, test, process, or scan your project.  Share your needs and we’ll find a resource.

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The University of Cincinnati Faculty has expertise spanning a wide range of areas.  Our faculty are available for your consulting projects. What expertise area are you looking for support?  We’re here to help.




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